Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

- Wind Cave -

Wind Cave

Today we have to get on the plane back to miri, but before leaving here we can visit another caves. Our boat passes the park HQ and went on, soon arrived the pier near the Wind Cave.


On the way to the mouth of the cave, we walked on the path very slippery. But once entered in the cave, it is clean and easy.

Wind Cave was named because the wind is blowing in the cave, so our guide said. And it is connected to Clearwater Cave underground.


It is like yesterday's Lang's Cave rather than Deer Cave. Inside of the cave is dark unless the light and walls and ceilling are covered by white stones.

But this cave is clearly bigger than the Lang's in its length or heights or the space inside.


Looking up 'Kings Chanber'. Lots of colmns, guarded by sentries.


Beautifully white limestones. I wonder it's like this on the moon?

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