Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

- Clearwater Cave -

Clearwater Cave

The longest cave in the southeast asia (over 100km) . Off course the show cave is only a part of this cave.

view the young lady from the crossroad

The path from the mouth is soon branches in two direction. First, we went the right. Lady's Cave.

statute of the young lady

This is the Young Lady. Look at the shadow on the wall.

Ahead, the walkway passes near some deep place. Our guide Mr. Paris said he had climbed down here in the western expedition.

Going back the path and pass the crossroad, take another path called River Cave.

clear water flowing in river cave

Cool and clear water flows under the walkway. Visitors can go down and touch hhe water. It's really cool...

the mouth of clearwater cave

Near the crossroad. Looking up the mouth of the cave.

go up the stairways...

Now we have seen four show caves and that's all. Must fly to Kota Kinabalu this afternoon.

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