Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

- Departure -


We took lunch in front of the mouth of clearwater cave. Heavy rain came and went away. After the lunch I bathed in the river for the last time.

water spring near the mouse of clearwater cave

The cool and clear water springs up here. Soon it's time to go back. We got on boat and left the cave.

children playing on the shore of the river

Melinau River, everyday I go up and down. Cool water, strong stream.


cockpit of the twin otter

The plane on the way back to Mili was the same Twin Otter. When we boarded, it was raining again.

taking off...

The propeller began go turn. Our plane soared up slowly, looking down the deep green forest and river running below.

forest, jungle, river... byebye!!

Bye, bye, bye...

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