Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

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Streaming Audio

Thunder <<stereo>> NEW!!

Recorded at the hotel in Mulu. Sound of hard rain and thunder. 60min. RealPlayer G2 or later required.

Sound Clips

Yet the quality of mp3's are not so good. But it's improoving now, check here again. And RealAudio streaming is coming soon!!!

'Rain' <<stereo>> rain430a96.mp3 704kBytes 60sec.

At the hotel of Mulu. Hard rain and sound of thunder. Better experienced with headphones (strongly recomended).

'Cruising down the river' river430.mp3 294kBytes 60sec.

Pictures by Digital Camera

Borneo 2000 (Digital Photo Archives)

All the digital still photos I took. Fullsize(VGA), 1/4 size, and thumbnails.


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