Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

- Deer Cave -

Deer Cave

The largest show cave in this park, and it has the largest cave passage in the world. I couldn't think this is a cave felt like some building by mankind.

near the mouth of Deer Cave

This picture is a view looking up from mouth of the cave. The tree on the right is really a very big one. Can you see?

inside of Deer Cave, NOT outside!!

Deer Cave has a skylight on it's ceilling. Inside is partly lit by the sun light thrugh this window. Ceilling is really high. Some black spots are seen. They are bats, our guide said. Their droppings are everywhere in the cave. You can click the picture above for larger picture, and feel the biggness of this cave.

Lincoln's profile?

"Abraham Lincoln's Profile" was seen here in the highest light.

adam and eve's showers

Near the end of the path. Some beams of light is run down vertically from the ceilling to the ground. They are underground waters dropping down endlessly from the ceillings. They call one 'Adam's Shower', another 'Eve's Shower', and the green light comming from outside 'Garden of Eden'...

the beams and the green garden of Eden

I don't know how to express this feeling, it's like a miracle. Really majestic!

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