Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

- Lang's Cave -

Lang's Cave

We are going to visit some limestone caves in the park. On boat we went to the Park HQ and from here, about one hour' s walk on the boardwalk, got to the mouse of the caves. Some caves are open for visitors, lit inside and wooden path are built. They are called the Show Caves.

the mouth of Lang's Cave

The first cave we entered was called Lang's Cave. Those white limestones are really fantastic.

just inside the mouth of the cave

I have seen some limestone caves before, but these stones are more whiter than any other caves.

milk-white stone. really beautiful

The air in the cave is really cool. And the limestone walls are shining misteriously. There is a kind of beauty never seen outside the caves...

guess that height inside

Going ahead, the ceiling is getting high. Thanks to these pathes, we can safely walk inside the caves.

the way they light up the caves is really nice, I think

It's really wonder to see such white stones under the ground, isn't it ?

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