Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

Camp 5

Camp 5 is base camp for the climbers challenging Mt. Api or the Pinnacles. The building was greater than I expected. Facing the flow of Melinau River, and walls of limestones.

in front of camp 5

The building has some guest rooms, dining room, toilet, and showers. But sometimes showers are not always available. Water is so precious here. Every morning, the guides get up so early and boil the water from the river.

the dinner at camp 5. it's nice :-)

We took our supper in the dining room of the camp. It was nice! Electoric lamp is used there.

In the guest rooms, we spread our sleeping bags and sleep. The floor is made of wood and little bit hard. There's so many people in the day we came here. I wondered how such a lot of people have came here since we haven't met anyone on the way to the camp. Next moring I heard the guides slept outside of the building to make rooms for guests.

no floor under the board...

Some prepared tourist took the mosquito bag here.

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