Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

- the way to Mulu -

The Way to Mulu

From Tokyo, we flew to Kuala Lumpur, and there took another plane to Mili, the nearest city to Mulu. We stayed here, and the next day we got on the small propeller plane, called Twin Otter.

in the cabin of the twin otter

The plane has 2 engines and 17 seats or so in the cabin. No doors or glasses between the cabin and the cockpit. Unlike big jet plane, twin otter doesn't soar so high, we can see great green rain forest below.

jungle, jungle, and jungle...

At the airport of Mulu, our guides were waiting for us. They drove us to the Royal Mulu Resort. Leaving most of our baggage, we had started for Camp 5 and Mt. Api.

This hotel has a small platform on the river. We get on the long boat here wearing lifejacket. Several hours of river cruise begun. Well it's like the "Jungle Cruise" in the Disney Land, but our guides are not so chatty and everything we saw is real and living. Cool winds blow my face, views of faraway mountains through the trees, kids playing on the shore, and chirps of lots of cicadas surrounding our boat...

on the boat in the river cruise

After a while, the river cruise was over. Get off and have lunch here, and started trekking for camp 5. The distance is nearly 8km.

Until the camp we will walk on very flat way, so we have heard but it was little bit hard way for me. Even it began raining. Heavy rain, the tropical rain pours, the path is now like a river... Still we walked and walked and finally get to the camp 5.

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