Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

- Climbing -


Next moring, we started for the limestone Pinnacles. About 8:30 am.

Soon the climbing began. The path is narrow, steep, wet, and very slippely. The sky is cloudy. It's good not likely to be a hot day but how about rain?

I thought it was really flat yesterday. Today it's too far more difficult than yesterday. It's really hard bring up my foot against the mountain.

in the jungle...

On the way, the path is not that we call path in my neigbour. Only these red and white signs show us the way. Almost all the way, the path is like this.

it's dazzling

Rarely passed a place where we can look down the ground, but it reminds me the height and steepness sharply. It's really dazzling. Didn't stop and walked ahead.

We rested shortly, and started again. The path is getting steeper and steeper. We grabbed the rope, climb on ladders. Guide said there is 14 ladders but I didn't remember.

climbing almost vertically

Our guide kindly finds something interesting for us, but unfortunately we were too tired to enjoy such things...

large picher plant. paris-san found this for us

Climbing, climbing, climbing... and at last, we get to the goal, view point for the Pinnacles, wow!!


Surely cool site, but... maybe too cool for us. At this point, we took lunch and took pictures, and started to climb down to the camp in order not to catch the rain.

I do think the Pinnacles is wonderful site, but I strongly recommend the following tourists that they should bring enough amount of water, strong will, and good health. It's serious!!

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